South West 4WD Club Inc.


The Lennard 4WD Track, can be found in the Wellington National Park area (near Collie, WA). The main entrance to the track is located at the bridge near Honeymoon Pool. There is also another entrance from Lennard Drive, which leads in from the stepup's down to Honeymoon Pool.

Lennard 4WD Track, is strictly for day use only, as there is no camping permitted.

The South West 4WD Club Inc. have adopted the Lennard Track through the Track Care WA Inc. scheme. This enables the club to hold track care days, where the Club can fix certain parts of the track that may/may not need attention or simply remove rubbish that people have dumped on the track.

During the winter months, Lennard Track is closed off by the DEC. Our Club's long term goal with adopting the Lennard Track, is to eventually see the track maintained enough that it is able to be open all year round. Without the support of our Club members, this won't be possible.


Track Care WA Inc. is a non-profit organisation, which became incorporated in 1998. It began with the concerns of conditions on the Canning Stock Route (rubbish, track damage etc.) - which led to a huge effort in 1998 with significant work being done on the Canning Stock Route, including the 'Durba Dunny', well restoration and the clean up of rubbish.

Today, Track Care's mission is to support organisations, government bodies, and programes in the sustainable management and environmental protection of vehicular tracks - including those of cultural heritage significance.

By doing so, Track Care aims to educate and promote the conservation of the natural environment to track users. Also liase with land management authorities with similar objectives. And lastly, to promote four wheel driving as a responsible recreational activity.