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                                                                     28th of January 2012

Gday all, just got back from an awesome trip, lead by me (Simo), with South West 4WD Club, with 4 existing club members and 8 potential new club members. Vehicles including the usual array of 60s/75s/80s/100s, and from the Nissan camp a nice GU and GQ/Mav. We also had a D-Max, Prado and Team Bodgtech extreme drivers entry in a totally stock Pathfinder, a nice spread of cars and people.

We set off Saturday morning at 7:30am from our meeting spot for a nice little drive down south with a morning tea stop at the Diamond Tree Lookout (between Manjimup and Pemberton). Then on to Pemberton for DEC passes and last minute supplies. The convoy soon spread out as we hit the dry dirt of Ritter Rd, once we arrived at the National Park entry we were approached by the very helpful and friendly DEC rangers who were more than encouraging with trip plans and well preparedness of our cars and also gave us a few tips on track conditions that lay ahead, anyhow this was now airdown time for the fun was about to begin.

Once we were all down to about 10 psi we were off for a short roll around a beautiful lake and the climb up onto the dunes lay ahead. One at a time we sailed up smoothly with the inevitable snatch straps coming out. With only a couple of cars needing being dragged up the dune (welcome to Yeagarup) we were on our way to endless views of sand for miles around. It was all smooth sailing from here on in, we then stopped at the top of the big hill for a 180 degree view of the Warren rivermouth and endless coastline absolutely beautiful.

After advice of the rangers due to the size of our group (12 vehicles) we proceeded down the beach then off to find a campsite large enough. Camp was set, lunch was had, rods were rigged and we were off to explore the beach, look for nice deepwater gutters to hopefully catch some dinner. With 1/2 a bucket of herring and a nice flathead it was back to camp for a well earned dinner, very windy night but I think all slept well.

In the morning we set off early with gale force winds and once down on the beach we lined up for a photo while all our cars got sandblasted (not good) we then drove 6-7 kms down the beach, crossed the mouth of the Warren River (which was not running) and then down to the turn off to the infamous Calcup Hill.

After some negotiations (snatching, winching, digging, pushing etc) we were all safely up. Equipment used 6 x snatch straps, 30m winch cable, tree trunk protecter, 7 x4.7t shackles and 3 news papers (for joining straps), as well as shovels and manpower and all that for 1 recovery using 4 vehicles. What a lovely Sunday morning!

Back up in the shade of the forest we all aired back up and discussed the events of the weekend, all of the comments were more than positive, all in all a GREAT weekend. For those who haven’t been to the Warren River it is a 10/10 trip but remember to go well prepared, talk to the DEC guys or Pemberton Information Centre, or better still why not join your local 4WD club where you will have the support, the experience, the knowledge, and all the necessary equipment required for such trips.


Photos supplied by Nicole Lindsay & Selina Young

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