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                                                                             26th of May 2012


Friday night we all set off for Grimwade (16km east of Kirup) to camp for the weekend to celebrate Matt's 26th Birthday! We left Bunbury around 6pm, and arrived 7.30pm to the lemon tree. Sadly it was that overgrown we couldn't camp there. On the way in, we didn't notice that we'd passed Pam & Wayne (who'd headed down earlier), so Wayne come to find us, and we all headed to where they had set up camp in the Big Rig area.

Once in the area, we unpacked, set up camp and made Pam's tiny fire BIGGER! Koa roamed around all night setting up his 'perimeter', luckily we taped a torch to his harness so we could see him at all times. Once we'd attained warmth, it was time for food. A quick bite to eat, and we all settled in by the fire for some chit chat. Wayne had busted out his trusty 20Q's game, where we had all played until it was time to head to bed.

Bright and early, we awake to a beautiful morning - squeals of delight through the camp and lots of Birthday wishes directed towards Matt. Smells of Bacon & Eggs wafted through the camp. At 9am Matt and I headed into Kirup to pick up the 'group' that couldn't quite remember their way - so was easier to meet them there. Simo & Sel in the trusty zook jam packed (even with the two dogs), Al and the kids were there, Rodney and Alison tagged along and last but not least, Vanessa and Tyler joined in - and away back to Grimwade camp we were.

Once everyone was back at camp, set up of some sorts and introduced - we'd decided it was time to head off on an adventure! Off to the old airstrip first and then off to find some hillclimbs out the back of Grimwade. After a few hours driving and exploring, we stopped to have a play in the gravel and mud on the way back to camp. This weekend also marked the first time Brian had driven (4WDing) in his new-to-him GQ Patrol, which he did well!

Back at camp, we were joined by Helen and Mike (Matt's mum and step-dad) who had just arrived too. Everyone else had set up the camp for the night. The men went wood hunting. Matt put our delicious roast beef and roast chicken on the spit. While Shorty, Jaime and I trekked into Donnybrook for more supplies + alcohol and Hot Water Bottles.

It was time to feast! Chips, dip, crackers, salami, ding sausage, fairy bread, all shared around the fire as well as everyones dinner. Selina had also made delicious Lemonade Scones for desert, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. To top off the food we'd all gorged ourselves on and our final desert, Helen and Mike busted out Matt's birthday cake - Black Forest Cake, Super YUM! Koa also got scared by the party poppers and sparklers going off, so he ran to Poppy (Brian) to get cuddles and try hide!

Simo was fed lots of Bundy by evil Jaime. Later on in the night, once Simo was nicely pickled - Jaime, Shorty and Simo all went for a walk to the younger kids camped near the dam, who had a band set up for the night to celebrate a birthday. Somehow, they let Simo join the band! We could literally hear Simo from through Grimwade, sing his version of a Paul Kelly song. Simo, the newest Grimwade Feral Bush Band member, then returned to camp with Jaime and Shorty, to quiet chats around a cozy fire. The dogs were also knackered, and Koa had to share his bed with his girlfriend Lizzi.

By Sunday morning, it was made known to us that Koa had finally had enough of 'camping', as he was the first to pack himself in the car. By now everyone was all packed to go home. And once again, we bid our farewell to Grimwade. We cannot express our thanks enough to everyone who came to help us celebrate Matt's 26th birthday. He thoroughly enjoyed sharing his day with the 'family'. Can't wait for the next one! :)


Photos supplied by Nicole Lindsay & Jaime Lindsay

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