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                                                                                         21st of April 2012

For those who don't know where Banksia Camp is, it's about (10mins north of Walpole), and you turnoff for it at the Crystal Springs intersection. Banksia Camp itself is located in the D'entrecasteaux National Park, and is a DEC run/looked after 'shed' that has 4 bedrooms, basic kitchen and shower shack, with drop toilets located on the other side of the camp ground. With that being said, Wayne, Matt, Simo & Selina and myself all decided to make the trek down there for the weekend to celebrate Selina's birthday.


It was a nice and already chilly 6pm by the time we all managed to leave Simo & Selina's house, all packed and ready to rock n roll. We drove, and drove for what seemed forever - managed to have a quick pit stop in Manjimup and then off to our final destination.

Finally! We pulled into the beginning of the track for Banksia Camp, where we were greeted by another 4WD leaving - who kindly informed us that no one was in the shed. As by now the chilly night, turned into a wet one, a quick air down was done and off to our 'shed' we were. By the time we pulled up it was already 10pm, so we then decided to unpack, set up our beds and eat ourselves some dinner. With dinner being done, we all crawled into bed, eagerly awaiting for morning to explore our surroundings!

Up bright and early, to another gloriously wet day. After breakfast Simo, Wayne & Selina all decided to try their luck at some fishing while Matt and I took the drive on down to the beach and parked up on the rocks. The fisher(wo)men, all failed miserably due to the extremely rough conditions of the surf, and headed back to the camp.

We'd then decided we'd all go for a drive, and headed off the check out Cliffy Head, Red Rock before heading into Walpole for some supplies and information about the Broke Inlet (Fisherman's Track). While in Walpole we'd gone to check out the Nornalup Inlet, where once again a spot of fishing was tried out. Then started making our way back to camp (took the long way back), exploring some tracks thad headed along Deep River, found a nice little bridge over the river with lots of fish! Simo promised to re-visit the area with his kayak!

After exploring Deep River, we then made our way back into camp, to discover that we'd gained two guests while we were away. Two boys from Switzerland (Daniel & Simon). We gave them our best Aussie welcomes, the more the merrier! Matt had put our lovely spit roast on, while Simo cooked Sel, Wayne and himself an enormous T-Bone steak each for dinner. The Switz boys, were a little shocked to see all the meat - and asked if all Australian's eat so much meat for dinner. YES! Was the universal answer, to which they'd replied "We'd better stay awake tonight, or they might try eat us!". Quite a few giggles then followed!

While Matt and Simo eagerly awaited the cooking of meat, Wayne taught Selina and I how to play Euchre. An interesting and fun game, I'm now hooked! We played 3 rounds, with all 3 of us winning a round each, then enjoyed a wonderful dinner before heading off to bed.

We all awoke, to another glorious day, windy and not-so-wet. Slowly maked our way around to packing our gear, said our goodbyes and headed off on an adventure to the Broke Inlet via the Fisherman's Track (which apparently only opened 2 weeks before, and was previously closed for 2 years). Had a little explore around a couple of old fishing huts, and then decided to try our luck at getting to the river mouth.

Along the way, we came past a Patrol + Caravan near the river mouth, which was our OK-lets-do-it-moment! If a caravan could get there, surely Trevor the mighty Nissan Pathfinder and Ned 80'series-whale of a Toyota Landcruiser could! And we did! Simo got himself a little stuck, so Matt (a Nissan Driver) dug him out! (teeheehee) And this was Selina's perfect chance to try and catch some Salmon. While the Cruiser was being dug out, Wayne, Sel and Simo's fishing rods were rigged and off they went.

Squeals of delight came thundering down through the beach from Selina, as she tried so hard to wrangle a decent sized Salmon that was bouncing in and out of the water into the shore - unfortunately, it managed to snap the line to get away. Boo! We did however see a whole group of Seals frolicking about 100m (if that) offshore, and decided this was why no one was catching anything! Sat for awhile and enjoy the views, had some morning tea, and sadly headed off home.

Happy birthday Selina! Hope you had a fantastic weekend like the rest of us did! Awesome weekend, even more awesome company. Thank you Banksia Camp, and thanks to Simo & Selina for organising it! I know for a fact, Matt and I can't wait to head down there again. :D


Photos supplied by Nicole Lindsay

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